Winter in Malibu

I took a break from design to show you how beautiful Malibu can be in the winter time…

Low tides reveal hidden sealife….

I often take this walk and I am always stunned by the natural beauty. On this particular day the tide was extremely low exposing what is usually beneath the waves.

It just goes to show there is always something beautiful hidden beneath the surface!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

5 responses to “Winter in Malibu

  1. Oh my goodness Janette, these pics are amazing! The coastline is gorgeous (I have only ever been to Malibu in August). I can’t get over the size of those starfish! Thank you for sharing just how beautiful Malibu is in winter! Hope you have a wonderful day ~ Tina x

  2. I go to malibu alot too!! but never seen such big starfish like that!! Janette you need to tell me around what area those are… pretty neat!!want to take my daughter!!

  3. Living VERY far from an ocean… I SO enjoyed these gorgeous pictures! My goodness… what a stunning walk you get to take!

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