What to do with my antique collection?

After remnants of the past I was forced to look over my entire vintage vault, it’s crazy.  Paintings, lamps, figurines, ottomans, chairs etc.  My sales on One Kings Lane are not keeping up with the amount of amazing pieces I find.  Estate sales, antique sales, auctions you name it.  If it has quality pieces you will find me there.  Now I need to make my mind up about where to showcase and sell them.  
Along with Pintrest I believe Fab and Fancy might just be those venues.  They are trending in the digital world and have started to make quite an impact in online shopping.  My only hesitation is that my antiques may not be the same style as most of the products on these sites.  The demographic is also probably a bit younger however traffic is traffic and someones taste usually spans a very broad spectrum.  Let me know what you guys think.  Check out these sites and drop me a line.

Here are a few images from my collection

Janette Mallory