Tips and Tricks for a Summer DIY Interior Design Project

I love DIY projects!  With summer rapidly approaching, why not start a DIY interior design project this season if you haven’t planned one already?  Here are just a few things to keep in mind before getting started:

Tip 1: When designing your space, don’t forget about its function.  Pay particular attention to traffic flow through the home, how you want to use the space, and where conversation areas should be.  Keeping those in mind will help ensure your new space is not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well.

Tip 2: After you have selected the main furniture pieces, complement them with decorative home accessories.  One small detail or accessory can really transform a space and complete it.  Sometimes, by the time we get to the smaller furnishings, we don’t put as much effort into the selection of accessories.  However, bear in mind that every item, or lack thereof in the space, comprises the overall design.

Tip 3: Always trust your instincts.  Design is very subjective and personal to each individual’s taste so no design is ever truly wrong.  With that in mind, have fun decorating your new space or home and don’t be afraid to take risks!

If you love the design of your new space or home, then that is all that really matters.  I always advise clients to not chase trends (what is considered “in” this season won’t be “in” next season) or try to keep up with the interior design of their friends’ homes.  Rather, the best designs are personalized and unique to each individual.

And finally, I’m excited to mention that I’ve recently revitalized my Elle Décor profile.  I’d love for you to check out my interior design projects!  You can view my profile here.  Let me know what you think!  

 Ciao, and until next time my friends…

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3 responses to “Tips and Tricks for a Summer DIY Interior Design Project

  1. Hello Janette, I’ve looked at your portfolio and I’m actually impressed! You do have a strong taste for colors and your creativity is superb. This is really important for an interior designer to please their clients. It’s also an important factor to know your client first before working for them. This way, you’ll have a good start on everything: the theme, color, pattern, and everything.
    Alejandra Hutchcraft

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