The secret to a great party

As a firm believer that every meal should be had outdoors (weather permitting) this next post is an ode to the many ways we all can create a simple outdoor get together into an intimate dining experience.  We have all been to that dinner party or celebration where all of our pores, blemishes or SLIGHT imperfections are totally visible and actually accentuated due to bright or harsh lighting.

It is our duty to make this faux pas a thing of the past.  

Repeat along with me, “Never again shall flood lighting illuminate my outdoor get togethers”!

Dim lighting for a calmer event is always the best idea.  If a party is what you have in mind you might want some color hues (reds, purples, blues) or something a little more active such as blinking or moving (imagine if you will the effects of a disco ball!)

To resume my train of thought, during this festive autumn season treat your guests to some good food with some fabulous weather and brilliant lighting which will appease everyone.  

A fireplace is always a great source of not only warmth to bring your friends closer together but also does wonders for those pictures that capture the moments.  Candle light is always best yet sometimes difficult if the wind is not contained.  Modernity has provided lots of options in this day in age so do a little research and find something that is both affordable and suits your home, backyard or whatever other venue you had imagined.

Buen provecho and have fun!!!! (check out my pics below for a little inspiration)
Janette Mallory