I went to the Abbot Kinney Street Festival this past Sunday and it was amazing!  Tons of vendors with cool jewelry, accessories, vintage clothing and the latest food trend right now happens to be catering trucks, which were lined up on every side street. 

As I was leaving, this stylist from took a picture of me with my old beat up Balenciaga bag and posted it on her website.  Who knew I was such a trend setter!


“To answer your question, it’s an emphatic no. Your Balenciaga will never be out of style, your jewelry was amazing and understated and the LV shades, a perfect style staple.”

Check out this website for the latest and greatest in style and fashion.  It’s AWESOME!


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  1. I would love to have a real Balenciaga! I got a fake one from Target once, LOL! I just think they are so classic looking, not too trendy, and just biker-enough to be cool!

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