Some ideas to spruce up your holiday banquet!

It’s turkey time everyone!!  

This season I think one of the easiest ways to get into the season, the most practical when hosting those pant-unbuttoning meals is a beautifully decorated table.  There is little better than an a detailed and decorated feast.  Imagine yourself in the cornucopia that graced that first Thanksgiving table.  

The colors, smells and flavors that delighted those early pilgrims.  

Today I am feeling the urge to give you all some creative and relatively simple ways to decorate your home and table for the fast approaching season.  Would love to hear your ideas as well!  Leave them as comments!

Feathers, greenery and pine cones…

So easy…

Great idea!

A vegetarian turkey?

little reminders

decorate that end table!

If you don’t have time to decorate remember food can also be a colorful
center piece. 

Love this!  So amazing!

use the beauty of nature!

Some of this greenery you may be able to harvest from your own backyard

easy for a Thanksgiving centerpiece

The table is not the only place you can decorate, how about the rest of your house?

Burlap and a sharpie.  Cheap and meaningful

Choose a color and run with it…

Seasonal berries!  A great way to decorate and tie it all in!

Sometimes it is only the little things that make the difference…

Easy and Cute owls!

Ha!  So Cute!

Take your extra ornaments and decorate that chandelier
to give it a little something extra!

This would be great for Thanksgiving!

Sometimes nothing is better than beautiful flowers

Send out your message this holiday season 
Vintage funnels turned candleholders

Beautiful and Easy!

Janette Mallory