Sneak Peak: Rocking It in North Ranch, California

I have been fortunate and blessed as an interior designer to have had steady design work through the recession. Not only have I been busy but I have worked for some of my best design clients in the past 18 months in all my eighteen year history as an Interior Designer!!! I truly have a passion for my work and absolutely love what I do. I have never worked as hard as I have the past eighteen months and I am so excited to be able to start sharing some of what I think is my best work with all of you.
This project is not done yet but I can give you a little history and a sneak peek. My clients are young and hip, husband and wife both are lovely. He is a talented musician and she is a stay at home mom with the most amazing two kids, boy and girl. They bought the house a year ago and we basically tore apart the whole inside of the house, about 7,000 sq. ft. As usual with all my design projects we had a tight schedule and my clients had to be moved in by the time the kids had to go back to school at the end of August 2009 and they closed escrow in May. Yikes. We worked at a fast pace for four months on the remodel so I could make their deadline. Well, they moved in on schedule but with no furniture. You all know how long it takes to design a room, order the furniture then wait weeks sometimes months for everything to be ready. Fortunately my clients were patient and they knew it would be worth the wait.

My client is an amazing cook and she loves to entertain so the kitchen had to be done first. She wanted a clean look with a funky vintage edge to it. How fun!!! We used Carrara for the counter tops and I was lucky enough to find slabs that were 2” thick (from Empire Marble & Granite) so there are no seams on the edge detail. We kept the original cabinets painted them white, (the previous owner had them dark), gave the walls a fresh new color, new lighting, new flooring, new appliances and voila she has her dream kitchen. Oh, the rugs are from my “Vintage Rug Collection” to tie it all together.
I’ve remodeled a lot of bathrooms in my career but this bathroom is by far one of my favorites. As you can tell from the before pictures this bathroom needed a lot of help. We designed the bathroom around the mosaic on the floor. The mosaic is a dogwood pattern from Waterworks and it is so beautiful. When my client’s budget allows it I prefer to buy all my slabs from Empire Marble & Granite. The slabs they have in their yard are flawless and they have the most beautiful and unique pieces of marble and granite I have ever seen. The slabs I used in the master bath are polished royal Danby and Waterworks just happened to have the matching 18 x 18 royal Danby for the shower so it was a match made in heaven. We accessorized with a vintage romantic French look and my clients are very happy with the results.


I try to use wallpaper as much as possible in a larger home because I feel that you need to add the color, pattern and texture to keep it interesting. The wallpaper I used in the powder bath is from Hinson & Company a Deborah Danser Design “Edo Pines” and it looks fantastic. The colors are taupe and cream with a pewter background.
That’s it for now for my North Ranch project. We are still working on it so there will be more pictures to show you in the next couple months. I hope you enjoyed it and I would love to hear your feedback



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  1. Dreamy kitchen…those counter tops are awesome and yummy. The bathroom is handsome and eclectic. Those two oval mirrors are lovely. I can’t wait for the rest of the pics.


  2. I just found your blog and love what I see…especially this kitchen! Well done! The paint color is fabulous, too. Mind sharing? I’m always asked about mine. Manchester from Pratt and Lambert. Looks really blue in my light…love it!

    But the thing that’s really catching my eye are your window treatments. I hadn’t thought to do the simple ribbon contrast. Love it! My windows do a similar thing (posting a snippet of my kitchen tomorrow…bare windows and all).

    Great work!

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