Shades of Gray: Why Gray is the Ideal Kitchen Color

Thinking of decorating your kitchen? Though tan and beige are the most popular kitchen color schemes, you shouldn’t overlook gray as a possible color choice. Because one of the newest and unexpected colors of the season for kitchens is shades of gray backsplash, tile and countertop décor.

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Notice how the lemons and apples on the counter in the photo below seem to “pop” right out of the picture. Gray works surprisingly well as a backdrop for bright colors.

Gray Kitchens_01
Gray gives your kitchen a modern and clean feeling. Photo by Susan Serra.

Gray also meshes well with stainless steel appliances. It’s a light and airy color that when paired with a warm material (like wood) or bright colors (like yellow, hot pink or red) can make your kitchen look both crisp and elegant. 

Gray Kitchens_09
Afraid to go all-the-way gray? Add some gold or wood accents. Photo courtesy of Susan Serra.

There are just a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to use gray paint or tiles in your kitchen (because it’s not for everyone).

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Decorating with Gray:

1. Do use gray if you live in a warm, sunny climate (like right here in California!)
2. Don’t use gray if you live in a cold, gloomy and frequently overcast climate, as the gray-colored walls may seem too oppressive.
3. Don’t overdecorate. Gray invokes a cool, modern and elegant vibe to your kitchen. Cluttering your counter tops with pointless knickknacks could defeat the whole purpose.
4. Do add some warmth or a splash of color to avoid a cold and sterile-looking kitchen. Wood floors ground the space well as do bright yellow, green or red chairs or accent pieces. An accent wall in a bright color would also do the trick.

Janette Mallory
Have you ever tried decorating with gray? What color is your kitchen?

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