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Communication with space…

When you need interior design services in Santa Barbara, contact Janette Mallory Interiors. Look at these rooms:

Janette bonds to the space she works with as an interior designer in Santa Barbara

You can see more of her work here.

Janette Mallory, Interior Designer in Santa Barbara

You could say that Janette Mallory was born as an interior designer! Early experience with her father’s construction business caused her to think about ways to use space. A UCLA interior design degree propelled Janette to Europe where she took a deep dive into European architecture and art. These experiences blended with her natural curiosity, helped shape her interior design philosophy.

Janette’s ideas flow with the commercial and residential space assigned to her. Celebrity residences, outdoor kitchens, beachfront restaurants, fireplace design and much more make up her extensive portfolio.

Full spreads on Janette Mallory Interiors appeared in West Malibu Lifestyle, Brentwood and Westlake magazines among others.

A story in every room:

Every room in a home should tell a story I order all the major pieces together so there’s never an off piece that looks like an afterthought. I never bulldoze my ideas on clients.

– Janette Mallory

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