Remnants of the Past

I went to the Friday night preview shopping at Remnants of the Past Vintage Show and I am always impressed by all the vendors how they set up their booths, how creative they are, etc. Here is one that caught my eye.  The show is twice a year, Spring and Fall.  While hard to actually say it I think Fall is my favorite.  It might be the season and the temperature but I have to claim bias towards it.  Along many different curators my favorite vendor is Old Willow Farm, I just love what they do with their pumpkins… so creative!
I have always loved their showcasing
Where do I start?!

I found these incredible French dining chairs from the 30s.
Another treasure was this dress form from 1914 and a vintage Chanel vanity cosmetic bag.  Hmmm… I think I may keep these…

Tables, chairs, lamps, nik-nacks and thousands of other amazing finds were all there!  It took a lot of willpower to get me into my car and go!

On the way home we made a couple stops for pumpkins!  We stopped at the Avila Valley Barn they have a great selection of all types of pumpkins and a nice pumpkin patch.  

We also could not resist stopping at The McGrath Pumpkin Patch which is closer to LA.  Located in Ventura, it saves you from making a drive up to Avila Valley Barn. They also have an amazing selection. 

Time to go home. Couldn’t fit one more thing in my car!!

My darling boy turned 18 this weekend.  Almost finished with high school and soon to be visiting colleges with him.  I can not believe it has gone by so fast.  

As if it were only yesterday…

Janette Mallory