Patio Perfection: Outdoor Decorating Tips to Try This Spring

I’ve recently discovered Polyvore (this new social media platform that’s specifically geared towards fashion and interior designers). You can take a peek at all of my designs here.
Here’s one of my more recent design sets:
Get Outside | Janette Mallory Interior Design
Afraid wicker will make your patio look old fashioned? Paint it black!

When shopping for outdoor furniture it’s important to choose pieces that are both weather-resistant and durable. Wicker is a good option (just make sure the wicker is “all weather”, because if not, it will fade in the sunlight) and is particularly popular at beach houses or homes with British Colonial decor. Wicker is great because it can be painted any color (though white is most popular) and pairs well with colorful blankets or throw pillows.
I love daybeds (if your outdoor space is big enough). Here’s an example of a wicker daybed that doesn’t look old-fashioned.

Kannoa Hallo Daybed
Forget lounge chairs, what about a lounge bed?

What does your patio look like? Have you tried decorating with wicker furniture before? 
Janette Mallory

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