On the eve of election day

In the eve of our nations election day, I have a small and maybe irrelevant question…

Will there be any voting setbacks in the hurricane ravaged parts of our nation?  

After super storm Sandy devastated parts of our eastern seaboard, leaving millions of people without electricity, will the effects of this never before seen super storm change the outcome of election day?  
The City of New York recently had it’s marathon suspended due to a plethora of reasons. People are currently living through a lack of electricity, gasoline, transportation and some areas of the city are still underwater and dealing with closed roads due to fallen trees and other obstacles.  This is seen in many other counties and cities throughout the area touched by Sandy.  

What will happen tomorrow?  Will everyone be able to get out to vote?  Will the 70 year old woman living on the 5th floor with no power to work the elevator be able to get out and cast her opinion?  What about the family who lives off the beaten path which is currently covered in fallen trees, will those of age be able to voice their choice in what might be the most important decision of the year or decade?

At this point in time the only thing we will be able to do is hope that all voting stations are accessible and those people who are not able to get out and vote will do so electronically, by mail or will endure whatever obstacle is in their way.

To everyone who is able, vote.

To those who are physically unable to, try.

For everyone else, have an amazing Monday!!
Janette Mallory