Ode to the Kitchen and Bathroom – A Remodel Series

One of my favorite rooms to remodel are kitchens.  I love to cook and eat so I thoroughly enjoy transforming kitchens into beautiful, functional spaces to serve those purposes.

My client for this project is an excellent cook and baker so it was important to select just the right appliances for her kitchen.  Since she loves to bake, she wanted a stove from the Thermador Professional Series which required a major hood.  This requirement allowed us to design one and have it custom manufactured so it would seamlessly accent the stove she selected and perfectly complement the kitchen aesthetic.  Notice how the shape of the hood took on the shape of the light housings used above the island.
All of the material for this media bathroom is from Ann Sacks and is a pewter limestone.  Pewter is a hard, strong sediment stone that is highly water resistant and offers a neutral multicolor effect.  As I mentioned in previous posts, I like to use the same material in small bathrooms and play with the sizes, mixing them up for a more interesting appearance.  Here, the wall tile in the shower is 12” x 24” with a slab on the vertical face of the tub.
Throughout my blog, you may have noticed that one of my favorite materials to use in bathrooms is carrera marble, especially when the bathrooms are quite small.  Carrera marble is one of the most internationally famous stones as a result of its elegant grey veining throughout the stone. 
Most of the time, I like to use a mosaic on the shower pan that matches whatever material I used throughout the rest of the bathroom.  In this case, it’s the beautiful carrera marble, of course.
I found the barrel mirror placed above the pedestal sink at an antique store in Santa Barbara.  I love how it gives the bathroom some character and offers a great contrast to the rest of the space.
So what do you think?  Do you have any design preferences for kitchens and/or bathrooms?  I would love to hear them!

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