Not Your Grandmother’s Wallpaper! 5 Contemporary Wallpaper Designs for the 21st Century

Those of you who’ve been following me on Pinterest for a while may have noticed that I’m a fan of wallpaper. Once considered passe and out-of-date, wallpaper is making a big comeback these days. Though it may conjure up images of old ladies,  I think that when done right, wallpaper can make a room look both modern and fun.
Here are a few examples.

1. Be bold! 

Aimee Wilder wallpaper - squirrels
Photo by Ooh_Food

Adding a bold wallpaper is a simple way to make a statement that you just can’t do with paint. Add vibrancy and energy to your home with a daring wallpaper choice, either a modern one or something that’s a more traditional pattern.

wall paper
Photo by Ooh_Food

2. Spice up a dull room 

If there’s a room in your house that’s a bit boring, such as a plain bathroom, adding a whimsical, busy, or simply unique wallpaper will make it much more interesting. This is a very easy way to give a room more character.
Photo by Ooh_Food

3. Create coziness

Rooms with high ceilings can feel cavernous. Add comfort and intimacy by dividing the room in half using a chair rail or molding and applying wallpaper to the bottom half.

Give your interior a luxurious look with embossed wall decoration from WallArt!
Photo by MyWallArt

4. Use stripes

There’s a reason people usually choose to wear vertical stripes and avoid horizontal ones: they change the way your body looks. The same logic applies to the rooms in your house! Use vertical stripes in rooms with low ceilings to make them look bigger, and horizontal stripes in small rooms to make them look bigger.
Photo by Ooh_Food
Living Room Hallway Maddox St Wallpaper
Photo by Little Greene Paint Company

5. Timeless classics

They’re called classics for a reason! There are some wallpaper patterns that never go out of style, and it’s hard to go wrong with these.

Good Old Wallpaper
Photo by Yvonne Eijkenduijn 

Have you ever decorated with wallpaper? What are your thoughts? 

Janette Mallory

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