My new look, my son JD & Atlanta

It’s that time again to refresh my blog, nothing major just a little mini face lift. It’s always nice to start off the new year with a fresh look. I’m hoping that since this is just a minor tweak that it won’t take longer than a week or so. I was finally able to photograph a project that I worked on for a a very long time. The style of the home is different than my past projects, so I am excited to share that with you as well. I am looking forward to 2013 more so than the past couple of years (not that the past years have not been good) because there are a lot of good things happening for me. My son is graduating from High School in June and he has worked so hard to become an incredible basketball player, I am so proud of him that he will be fulfilling his dream to play College Basketball. As a parent you always want to see your kids achieve their dreams so this is truly one of the best things than can happen to a mother. Good job JD!!!

Last March I participated in a new initiative, the launch of Vintage and Market Finds on One Kings Lane and became a permanent vendor and I did very well. Besides Interior Design, my passion is collecting and selling antiques and vintage one of a kind pieces. I just love the thrill of the hunt at 5am in the rain to find that perfect piece. I have always had a retail business besides my Interior Design business but not until last year was I able to have an on line retail business with success. Thank you to One Kings Lane for letting me be a part of your team. I look forward to growing my on line retail business this year. If you want to check out my current inventory take a look at my Pinterest page.

I just got back from the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta on a buying trip and I found lots of great treasures that will be listed on One Kings Lane once they arrive in LA and get photographed.

I really love antique baskets and I found a lot of vintage and antique grape picking, market and fruit baskets from Europe. I haven’t been able to find any in California so I was really excited that there were so many in Atlanta to choose from.

I have a furniture crush on all the mid century chest of drawers and end tables that have been painted over with colored lacquer. I was able to find this black one from Thomasville with bamboo accents. Can’t wait for this to arrive from Atlanta!!

I think I was a painter in a past life because I have this affinity with paintings, all kinds, European, American, still life, abstract, landscapes, etc. and I have been acquiring a major collection that I have been selling on One Kings Lane the past months. When I saw this art easel in Atlanta I had to add it to my collection. It’s great because it can adjust so you can display a painting of any size. I can’t wait to show you my new blog look in the next week or so, until then be well.

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