My Lovely Staycation in Los Angeles

I recently went on a working staycation in Los Angeles. 

One of the projects that I’m currently working on is a restaurant, so I love going into the city to check out the latest and greatest new restaurants. Not only do I enjoy good food, but I find looking at new restaurant designs inspiring. Having an Italian boyfriend restaurant owner certainly makes it more fun! 🙂

We both love to travel and eat our way through the vacation. We’re leaving for France next month so we thought this would be a good warm up. Where We Stayed: The SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills

We only had a couple days, so we decided to stay at The SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, which is like being in Las Vegas. World renowned Chef Jose Andres has his famed restaurant, Bazaar, in the lobby and the roof top pool is like a party in itself! 

Patisserie @ The Bazaar.
Here’s a photo of the hotel’s restaurant, “Bazaar”. I love the cute chandelier and pink flowers.
SLS Hotel Los Angeles
The Hotel Lobby at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.  Gray and red! Two of my favorite color combinations. 
SLS Hotel Los Angeles Roof Pool
The Pool at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills
SLS Hotel Los Angeles
Interesting Peacock Chair at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills

The SLS hotel had a lot interesting and unique pieces of artwork and furniture (like the peacock chair above as well as this painting).

SLS Hotel Los Angeles
Monkey painting at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills

Where We Ate: The RivaBella in West Hollywood and Chi SPACCA in Los Angeles

The new Larder (the first one in Brentwood) has a new location next door to The SLS, so we walked over for breakfast every morning to start our day with gourmet coffee, fresh baked muffins, farm fresh eggs and fresh orange juice. Dinner the first night was at RivaBella in West Hollywood, same owner as Boa (which also made it feel like we were in Vegas). There were beautiful people nicely dressed, great food (always helps if you know the managers) and we were given the royal treatment with great service and tons of good food.

The main dining area is an Atrium with a huge brick fireplace in the center with tables all around as well as trees and greenery. They did an amazing job. I’ve been to The Soho house in LA and although they have the same décor, I have to say that the RivaBella took the same design concept and made it even better. 

And just when we were thinking that it couldn’t get any better, we went to a brand new restaurant: Chi Spacca from Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali (right next to Pizzeria Mozza, Osteria Mozza and their take out Mozza 2 GO ). Only they can have four successful restaurants right next to each other. 

SPACCA - Interior
The Chi SPACCA dining room. Photo courtesy of TheDelicious Life
SPACCA - Interior
The Chi SPACCA bar. Photo Courtesy of TheDeliciousLife
Chi Spacca meal
A delicious italian fusion meal at Chi SPACCA. Photo courtesy of The DeliciousLife

Besides the food at Chi Spacca, what makes it so special is it only has nine tables and a counter that seats eight. They do two seating’s: one at 6:00 and the other 8:15. The space used to be for cooking classes and private events. The food is beyond “basic Italian food” and is Italian with a special twist; fresh and cooked to perfection.

All SLS Hotel photos courtesy of e.t’s Flickr photostream.

What fabulous things did you do last weekend?

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  1. Love the pics and the LA stay-cation seems lovely.

    Just an FYI. It’s an ostrich on the chair, the uglier cousin of the peacock with a longer neck and less bountiful plumage. 🙂

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