Hurricane Sandy’s Fashion Ideas

Living in Southern California it’s true that we are blessed with some of the best weather.  Whenever I have friends who come and visit they are amazed at the fact that they can simply get dressed, walk out the door and not even have to look at the weather channel.  
Our friends on the east coast yesterday saw just about the exact opposite as the fortunate souls here in sunny SoCal.  Hurricane Sandy looks like it’s going to be a severe one and I wanted to take a little time in solidarity with our friends in eastern seaboard.
Hurricane Sandy brings us some fashionable choices!
There is no reason that you shouldn’t have an eye on fashion while wading through the eye of the storm, so here is some inspiration for all of you!  All joking aside please everyone take care and safety first.  Our thoughts are with all of you. 

Janette Mallory 

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  1. Well,i guess it is a good thing that many people are moving on with their lives,just marketing after the disaster of Hurricane Sandy to the economy.I see you as an inspiration,to never let the bad things hold you on from moving forward.

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