How to Redecorate a Room: A Guide For Beginners

Do you ever daydream about redecorating a room or maybe even your whole house? While I love visualizing what a room will look like before I even start redesigning it, I know that it’s a skill that some may have trouble with. 

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I’ve found that newbies hoping to tackle a redecorating project on their own can get tripped up by not “seeing” the big picture prior to decorating. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of things you can do to help you see your design dreams through to completion. 

1.  Do Your Research

  • Go to showrooms and scour interior decorating magazines for ideas before you begin any project. Pay attention to detail such as lines of a room, prints and patterns, varying and complementing fabrics, color schemes, layout and setup.

2.  Write Down Your Goals

  • Create a color and design scheme for your project. Write down your exact goal so as you pick pieces you can be aware of the overall goal and if each piece adds or takes away from that overarching goal.

    3.  Focus on the”Big Picture”

    • As you are picking pieces, be sure to keep in mind that if you’re buying one piece of furniture at a time because of budget purposes, you always keep the big picture at the forefront of your mind. If you can, buy multiple pieces at once so you can better realize how they come together.
    blue office / guest room
    Photo by Ooh_Food
    Though all of the pieces in this room appear to have acquired separately, they all match the blue and green color theme.

    4.  Avoid Large Furniture Pieces with Loud Patterns

    •  Don’t ever buy a large piece of furniture with a large pattern on it, as the furniture already dominates the room because of its size. If you add any additional eye-catching elements like strong patterns, everything will fade in the background.
    red high gloss table and chairs --scott weston
    Photo by Ooh_Food

    If you want to incorporate a loud pattern, choose smaller pieces (like these vibrant chairs in the photo above). The biggest piece of furniture in the room should be a solid color.

    5. Look at the Room with Fresh Eyes

    • Once a room is set up, walk in with fresh eyes and scan it to see if your eyes fully go around the room or if anything stops and jumps out at you that doesn’t fit with your design schema. It may help to take a break after you’ve staged everything; leave the house for a while and then come back and reexamine everything with a critical eye. 



    Got any tips to add?

    Janette Mallory

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    1. Take a picture of the room and then look at the picture. Sometimes things that you don’t notice when you look at a room will pop out at you in a picture.

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