How to Decorate with Velvet

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 Most people nowadays don’t think of using velvet to decorate their homes. While too much velvet can be tacky, adding just a touch of it to a room can add style and elegance. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Couches and Chairs

A simple and popular way to incorporate velvet into your decor is by getting a velvet couch. Not only will it look inviting, there’s nothing softer to sit on when you want to relax.

modern chesterfield
Photo courtesy of Ooh_Food


 If you don’t want to take the plunge and buy velvet furniture, accessorize! Velvet pillows and blankets add warmth to a room, but are more subtle than bigger items.


If you really want to go all out, cover your walls with velvet! With the right decor and the right color, it will make your room look cozy and comfortable, perfect for a bedroom or library (if you’re lucky enough to have one).

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 What do you think? How have you used velvet in your home?
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  1. In the past (I mean years) I have had upholstered furniture in velvet. Now pillows. However I want a Blue/Gray saturated and tufted sofa so much!

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