Healthy Living Coach Kathy Kaehler – Giveaway!

It is just about to get much easier to get healthy this year!
At the beginning of the year I told you all that this one would be one for the books.  It’s going to be the year that we start to all care much more about our health, the food we eat and how we exercise!

Like most of you know (because I wrote about it a few posts back) my friend Kathy Kaehler came to my house one fateful Sunday and did her infamous Sunday Set-up and I was hooked! She had me pick some of my favorite veggies and taught me a few healthy snacks that I probably would not have thought up all by my self.
Kathy is a healthy living coach who gives workouts, tasty recipes, shopping lists and much more on her website to her subscribers.  

Kathy Kaehler, my friend Melanie (author of My Sweet Savannah blog) and I are going to be doing a give away for a years subscription to Kathy’s online platform.

(she is also throwing in a welcome goodie basket for the winner)!
This will revolutionize your life!
Want to win it?  
The first rule is to follow my blog (since you already do you should replace that step of following my blog with following My Sweet Savannah!)
Find out the rest of the rules on My Sweet Savannah

blog post here!
Hopefully one of you will be the lucky winner!  
There are 3 ways to get in the drawing.  

Good Luck!!!
P.S.  What do you think about my new blog look?  Do you like the little changes made?!

3 responses to “Healthy Living Coach Kathy Kaehler – Giveaway!

  1. Hi Janette, I agree this is the year for making healthy changes! Going vegan, drinking green smoothies every day, and now running 5 times a week..what! Good things are happening 🙂

    PS – Your new blog layout looks gorgeous!!


  2. She’s an amazing woman! I heard that she has lots of achievements!

    People are looking for good and safe products for their beauty care and I want to share with you the avosol.

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