Getting Ready for the Holidays

There is little else that produces the same amount of cheer than getting your house ready for the holidays!!  Nostalgia might be one of the key factors yet a little holiday attitude right around now is perfect and much needed.  
A few weeks ago I challenged myself to head out into the greater Los Angeles area and redo my home for this Christmas season, being it the last my son will spend with me before he leaves for college.
First place on my list?

Of course one of my favorites, Rolling Greens

With their huge selection of poinsettias, it is heaven to walk through.

After a bit (3 hours!) I wondered over to GM Floral Co.  Right in the heart of the flower district in downtown Los Angeles.  There is just about every piece of tinsel and decoration under the sun.  

I hardly knew what to do with myself…

My last stop around town was at Aldik Home in Van Nuys.  Topping everything off with their selection of angel figurines, christmas spheres of every color and size imaginable. 

Now I am ready to decorate my home!  Take a look!

Janette Mallory