Chandeliers: Why Every Home Should Have At Least One

Classy, elegant, charming and oh-so-trend worthy right now, chandeliers are one of the hottest ways to add a statement piece in your home. Whether classically featured over the dining room table or placed in unexpected hidden nooks for an overall eclectic design, it is the “it” look now.

nanette lapour's living room
I love this unique ship chandelier.  Photo courtesy  Ooh_Food

Begin by defining the style you are trying to embody through the interior design of your home or apartment. Next, if you already have a room in mind, begin by scouring antique shops and try to find a unique chandelier that will truly encompass the essence of your style.

lounge-y couch
This chandelier adds to the vintage feel of this room. Photo courtesy of Ooh_Food.

If you’re unsure of a room, you can also start by searching for a chandelier, but keep in mind, if you do buy an amazing statement chandelier, be sure it will fit the constraints of a room in your home.

Hang a chandelier in your walk-in closet and you’ll feel like royalty.

An all-white bathroom with a gold chandelier? Gorgeous.

When designing, consider the forgotten rooms that may just pop with the addition of a small chandelier such as the bathroom, hallway, reading nook, bedroom, or lounge area. Chandeliers are no longer just meant for dining room tables and entryways, think outside the box and you’ll achieve the look you want.

What do you think about chandeliers? Would you ever want to install one in a powder room? What about a walk-in closet?

Janette Mallory