My Lovely Staycation in Los Angeles

I recently went on a working staycation in Los Angeles.  One of the projects that I’m currently working on is a restaurant, so I love going into the city to check out the latest and greatest new restaurants. Not only do I enjoy good food, but I find looking at new restaurant designs inspiring. Having … Continued

The Lost Paris Apartment is Gorgeous! Wouldn’t You Love to Live Here?

As a dealer of antique/vintage French and Italian paintings, you can imagine my unbridled giddiness when I heard about “the lost Paris apartment.” Virtually untouched since World War II, the apartment was found laden with dust­covered treasures, from an old plush Mickey Mouse to a stuffed ostrich to stacks of love letters lots of amazing … Continued

Firenze while at JK Place…

Florence is home to a plethora of historical landmarks and remnants of our beautiful renaissance era.  Having been the home of the Medici family, Firenze as the locals call it, is not only able to capture your eyes on the street with relics such as Galileo’s Tomb (which is ironically in a Catholic Church even … Continued