Healthy Living Coach Kathy Kaehler – Giveaway!

It is just about to get much easier to get healthy this year! At the beginning of the year I told you all that this one would be one for the books.  It’s going to be the year that we start to all care much more about our health, the food we eat and how … Continued

Kicking the new year into gear!

As we move into this new year many of us are thinking about what we want to change about our lives. What is your new year’s resolution? My resolution is to continue living a healthy lifestyle and to help those of you out there who may have a hard time coming up with healthy food … Continued

Styling Shoot for Kathy Kaehler’s Sunday Set-Up with Nick Carter

I love it when I’m called upon to do unique projects!  Even better?  When those projects are for clients who possess inspiring missions to help others!  In this case, that person is Kathy Kaehler, a trainer, spokesperson and author.  Kathy is one of Los Angeles’ most sought after personal trainers to the stars whose celebrity … Continued