5 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Appear Larger

Don’t let a small space hold you back; learn how to decorate around the confines and limitations of size. There are actually tricks of the trade that will create the appearance of a larger, more open bedroom, you just have to employ them and voila, the illusion of space. Isn’t this a cute sleeping nook? … Continued

How to Redecorate a Room: A Guide For Beginners

Do you ever daydream about redecorating a room or maybe even your whole house? While I love visualizing what a room will look like before I even start redesigning it, I know that it’s a skill that some may have trouble with.  See more photos in my portfolio. I’ve found that newbies hoping to tackle … Continued

3 Creative Room Divider Ideas

Whether a small space needing to be portioned out or a large, oversized room that requires sectioning. It can be boring to set up the same old dividers, or leave a space open and intimidating. Here are a few ideas for those looking for a creative way to section their living spaces. 1. Bookshelves Create … Continued

How to Decorate with Velvet

Photo courtesy of Ooh_Food  Most people nowadays don’t think of using velvet to decorate their homes. While too much velvet can be tacky, adding just a touch of it to a room can add style and elegance. Here are some suggestions to get you started. Couches and Chairs A simple and popular way to incorporate velvet … Continued

Shades of Gray: Why Gray is the Ideal Kitchen Color

Thinking of decorating your kitchen? Though tan and beige are the most popular kitchen color schemes, you shouldn’t overlook gray as a possible color choice. Because one of the newest and unexpected colors of the season for kitchens is shades of gray backsplash, tile and countertop décor. My design set on Polyvore A Slab of … Continued

Patio Perfection: Outdoor Decorating Tips to Try This Spring

I’ve recently discovered Polyvore (this new social media platform that’s specifically geared towards fashion and interior designers). You can take a peek at all of my designs here. Here’s one of my more recent design sets: Afraid wicker will make your patio look old fashioned? Paint it black! Get Outside | Janette Mallory Interior Design … Continued

From “Meh” to Marvelous: 3 Cute Medicine Cabinet Remodeling Ideas

Here are three ideas that can turn your medicine cabinets from boring to beautiful. What do you think? I love the one with the flowered wallpaper one best (it adds a touch of romantic color, perfect for an all-white bathroom, don’t you think?). Peek-a-Boo Wallpaper You can use contact paper or wallpaper, along with extra-wide … Continued

3 Tips for Creating an Elegant Nursery Room Fit For a King (or Queen!)

Finally receiving the news from the doctor that you’ve got an addition to the family on its way can be the happiest day of your life (I know it definitely was for me!) but there’s also much to do to prepare for your new baby boy or girl. Photo courtesy of Jamison Hiner Decorating the nursery … Continued

6 Tips for Decorating an All-White Room

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, quite a few of my projects of late have involved all-white spaces…and no wonder! White is elegant, light and can brighten any dark and dreary space and make smaller rooms look and feel spacious and airy.In order to achieve the great white look in an apartment, home … Continued