Orange drapes Over the week i found 3 great items that can be used to brighten up your home. This orange is very vibrant and eye catching. This Second image is a beautiful shot of orange flowers.

Big Changes

Since I started my blog four or so years ago for some reason I go radio silent in the summer. This is not planned and I apologize for not keeping in touch with my loyal readers/followers. I’m back and can’t wait to share with you everything that has been going on in my life and … Continued

Bring the Seashore Home With Beach-Themed Accessories: Here’s How

Seashore | Janette Mallory Interior Design by janettemallory on Polyvore Who can resist the quintessential beauty of a quiet beach, the feel of sand beneath your toes or the refreshing breeze of the seacoast? Bring this sensation home with you and deck out your interiors with truly “sea-worthy” designs.Begin by culminating items that are unique … Continued

My Lovely Staycation in Los Angeles

I recently went on a working staycation in Los Angeles.  One of the projects that I’m currently working on is a restaurant, so I love going into the city to check out the latest and greatest new restaurants. Not only do I enjoy good food, but I find looking at new restaurant designs inspiring. Having … Continued

The Lost Paris Apartment is Gorgeous! Wouldn’t You Love to Live Here?

As a dealer of antique/vintage French and Italian paintings, you can imagine my unbridled giddiness when I heard about “the lost Paris apartment.” Virtually untouched since World War II, the apartment was found laden with dust­covered treasures, from an old plush Mickey Mouse to a stuffed ostrich to stacks of love letters lots of amazing … Continued

5 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Appear Larger

Don’t let a small space hold you back; learn how to decorate around the confines and limitations of size. There are actually tricks of the trade that will create the appearance of a larger, more open bedroom, you just have to employ them and voila, the illusion of space. Isn’t this a cute sleeping nook? … Continued

How to Redecorate a Room: A Guide For Beginners

Do you ever daydream about redecorating a room or maybe even your whole house? While I love visualizing what a room will look like before I even start redesigning it, I know that it’s a skill that some may have trouble with.  See more photos in my portfolio. I’ve found that newbies hoping to tackle … Continued

Chandeliers: Why Every Home Should Have At Least One

Classy, elegant, charming and oh-so-trend worthy right now, chandeliers are one of the hottest ways to add a statement piece in your home. Whether classically featured over the dining room table or placed in unexpected hidden nooks for an overall eclectic design, it is the “it” look now. I love this unique ship chandelier.  Photo … Continued

How to Update a Powder Room on a Budget

If you’re bored with the same old drab decorations in your home, but you struggle with what to do or how to make the most out of your budget, why not start small, pick one room, such as the powder room and make little changes that will result in a big difference. Powder Room Delicate … Continued

3 Creative Room Divider Ideas

Whether a small space needing to be portioned out or a large, oversized room that requires sectioning. It can be boring to set up the same old dividers, or leave a space open and intimidating. Here are a few ideas for those looking for a creative way to section their living spaces. 1. Bookshelves Create … Continued