Au Revoir! I’m Off to Paris for Some Treasure Hunting!

It’s that time of year again to undertake one of my globe trotting excursions to unearth new treasures!  And what better destination then Paris, a metropolis flourishing with rich art, architecture and culture since the Renaissance of the late 15th century?  I will be scouring the Parisian flea markets and boutiques to collect unique antiques and vintage pieces for my upcoming sale on One Kings’s Lane on Wednesday, June 13th.  I’m a zealot for distinctive, rare finds and I thoroughly enjoy bringing them to others for their personal enjoyment.  I’ll be accumulating everything from decorative accessories such as vases and candle holders to textiles and artwork – all hand-selected by me. 

Make sure you mark your calendars for the sale on June 13th so you don’t miss out on some great European finds!  Below are some photos from my previous trips.  

Paris has flea markets galore!  I can’t wait to discover amazing antiques and vintage pieces to bring back!

I always stay in St. Germain while in Paris.  Le Comptoir is one of my favorite restaurants that is just around the corner from my hotel.
Paris is even more beautiful at night.  I love visiting the Eiffel Tower to see it in all of its glorious splendor!

Café Marly is another one of my favorite restaurants.  The food is amazing and the architecture is spectacular.  It’s right next to the Louvre where I enjoy admiring some of the world’s most celebrated artwork.  This restaurant allows me to enjoy artwork, architecture andfood – all at the same time.  Incredible!

This photo was taken in one of my absolutely favorite places to enjoy a cocktail.  This bar is in the Hotel Plaza Athénée, a classic French hotel with a very modern bar.  The juxtaposition of the two aesthetics is such a pleasant surprise.  The hotel definitely outdid itself by creating such a modern feature within its classical environment.  Here I don’t mind actually spending $30.00 for a glass of champagne because I get to immerse myself in such stunning surroundings.

I’ll be posting an update about my trip and share some of the treasures I found in a couple of weeks so don’t forget to check backAu Revoir!

Janette Mallory

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    1. Hi Maria! Thanks for the feedback. I don’t have a facebook yet, but will within the next month or two. In the meantime, please do follow my blog! You can subscribe via email or through the RSS feed. I just checked out your blog – love it!

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