I went on a buying trip in Atlanta last December for my space at Wertz Brothers Antique Mart and I’m having ANOTHER Tastemakers Tag sale on One Kings Lane!!!  How exciting is that!!!  So I wanted to share with you a couple of the pieces that I found in Atlanta.
One of the vendors I buy from is from France and I love most everything that he has for sale so I just had to buy this painted wood bookcase from the South of France circa 1800s. This piece is at Wertz Brothers and I am using it for a display cabinet for my smaller items and it look incredible.
I’m obsessed with harvest tables and I feel that they are hard to find so I had to grab this one. It’s from a factory in France from a town in Northern France, Lile and its early 1900s. This piece will be listed on my One Kings Lane Sale next month.
How Fabulous is this??!!! I have never seen anything like this old hotel towel cart from a hotel in the South of France called St. Marie. If it doesn’t sell I will have no problem keeping it.
You don’t see a lot of these vintage pharmacy cabinets so naturally I had to buy it
One of my favorite things to shop for is antique and vintage artwork and Atlanta is a good place for that, other than the Paris flea markets (which I am going to end of April).  I love to buy still life paintings especially when wine is involved. This painting is signed and dated 1963.
I saved the best for last!!! This is the most amazing Quan Yin I have ever seen.  I hope you can check out my One Kings Lane sale February 1st because there’s a lot more so please take a look.   I have been scouring flea markets and going to antique shows for the past six months in preparation for my sale and my space at Wertz Brothers Antique Mart.
Janette Mallory
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