All good things must come to an end sometime……

After two years my Padaro Lane project in Carpentaria, California is finally finished!!  I have blogged about the interior over the past couple of months, but the second phase of the project, the exterior, is finally done!!!  As I have mentioned in previous blogs, this project was one of the most incredible for me from start to finish. 

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The original house never had an entry.  To get to the back two bedrooms, you either had to go through the master bedroom and master bath or go out the front door onto the porch and enter from outside.  One of the first things I did was change the floor plan to create an entry, adding 105 sq. ft. and enclosing the porch to create a hallway to the back two bedrooms.  I was able to close off the door in the master bath making the space more usable, but most importantly, more private.  The same with the bunk room bathroom, we closed off the door leading to the back guest bedroom which enabled space to install a tub/shower.  My clients have grandchildren so this new arrangement proved very helpful to them.  The guest bedroom did not have a bathroom so we turned the closet into a bathroom.  To substitute closet space, I added a built in armoire for hanging clothes, which was sufficient enough for my clients as they use this house as a vacation home.  I converted the water heater to a tankless one and moved it from the entry to the side of the house.  Relocating the water heater created space to add a powder room.


As you can see from the floor plan, this is not a large house so I had to make sure that every room and every nook and cranny was well thought out.  My client’s bring their children, grandchildren and friends there so I had to squeeze in as many beds as possible.  The bunk room sleeps six, each bunk bed has a pull-out trundle.

Let’s get back to the exterior…..  Originally, the entire house was painted gray.  I wanted to brighten it up and make it look more like a cottage in the Hamptons.  I fell in love with the idea of painting the house white and the trim black… what a beautiful, dramatic contrast it turned out to be!  The exterior lanterns came from The Federalist and can hold up to the outdoor elements, which need to be considered in a beach environment.   The gutters and downspouts are copper and I can’t wait until they patina with age!

We tore out the existing brick in the walkway and replaced it with a gray/black flagstone.  A curve was added to make it more interesting as well as a small curved porch with a step, which was lacking  before. 

I worked with Thierry from Paysage Landscape in Santa Barbara, California.  He was a dream to work with!!  Thierry and I both selected the type of plants that we thought would grow best in a coastal environment and keep the Hamptons Cottage style. 


Don’t you just love the Australian Tree Ferns!!!


We also added a barn on the front of the property, but I think I will save that for another blog!!!

Stay tuned, more to come!



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  1. Janette, A wonderful transformation! Enclosing the porch and the addition of a new entry made such a difference in the exterior. A white house with black shutters has always been my favorite. I look forward to seeing the barn.
    xo, Sherry

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