About Janette Mallory Interiors

Influenced by her father’s construction business and equipped with an interior design degree from UCLA, Janette Mallory integrated her innate sense of taste to create an effortless aesthetic design style embracing that good design is an intersection of architecture, art, psychology and beauty.

To further enhance her design sensibilities, after graduating UCLA, Janette extensively traveled Europe immersing herself in European architecture and art. This intellectual curiosity (an inborn trait) led to a bonding with structural marvels, beloved artifacts and thought-provoking design that became part of her unique style.

“Even when I enter a space that I have to design for a client, I listen to what that space says—the walls, the windows. You can’t change what that space wants to be.” – Lella Vignelli

Janette’s versatile approach, discerning eye for beauty and solid foundation manifests itself in the diverse projects she takes on. Her commercial and residential projects include celebrity residences, vacation homes, beachfront restaurants and outdoor work such as patios, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and complete interiors.

She has been featured on Fox 11’s Good Day LA and in magazines such as Lucky, Calabasas, 805, Westlake, Westlake Malibu, Brentwood and Valley. A 90265 Magazine article showcased a large interior / exterior design project that included bathrooms, kitchen, living areas, an outdoor fire pit, pool, hardscape, a gazebo and decks.

Janette Mallory

resides in Malibu and is always happy to discuss any design project.

“My focus is never on style. I let the client dictate that. Rather, my approach is to ensure my clients receive a space that evokes warmth and comfort through fine craftsmanship and well-curated furnishings and art that complement the space architecture.” – Janette Mallory

Janette Mallory Malibu Interior Design

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