A quick design solution

This newly redecorated residence in Studio City is home to a great example of how you can also implement some decorative solutions in your own home.  My clients charged me with “giving their home a face life” (very appropriate for Los Angeles). 
Whether it is upholstery or re-upholstery you can cover your favorite couch, love seat or ottoman, who’s fabric or pattern may have seen better days.  This is a great way to give a room and your home a new look.
Two simple steps to creating/recreating a new favorite piece. 
Fabrics | This is the determining factor.  This will be your chair’s coat of paint, your couch’s expressive pattern or your ottoman’s colorful canvas.  The company that I used to create the pieces of furniture also have their own lines of fabrics yet I had already found a pattern that I was in love with.  I found them at The Pacific Design Center (somewhere I could spend all day at) and Hollywood at Home
Manufacturer | Finding a qualified business to create your new piece de resistance is essential.  My project was handled by BSC.  Their attention to detail and service was phenomenal and the results were fantastic.  Shop around in your city and do a little browsing online.  Even though I try and keep everything local, sometimes you can get a good deal if you have to travel a bit.

Your task at hand:

Go into your home and find that furnishing that you’ve been thinking about getting rid of and give it a whole new life.  Take the green approach and revamp something you already have while giving it a totally new look.  

Happy decorating and have fun!

Janette Mallory