a little redo to my home…

I bought my home six years ago and completely gutted the place before I moved in except for the kitchen and living room fireplace.
For reasons unbeknownst to me, I contracted a painter to do what he does best in the living room with Ralph Lauren metallic paints.  At that time I chose Silver metallic, unfortunately I hated it from the beginning!

My son is going to college next year and my boyfriend wants me to move to Malibu with him so I thought I should get my act together and paint the walls white as they should have been six years ago just in case I decide to sell my house to move to Malibu!

Apart from a blank canvas which is easier to sell, white walls are ideal to make any piece of artwork pop!  Before I could paint I had to remove my hideous pink and black speckled granite fireplace with a flamed black absolute granite which I have always wanted.  

As you can see from the photos my look is very eclectic and I change the room around at least once a week as to accommodate all the art I collect (I just hate having things in storage!)   The only thing in the room that I have had for a while is the Formations mirror above the fireplace. Which I love and will take to my pyramid along with all my jewelry when I pass.

Janette Mallory