A foodie’s adventure in Firenze!

This time it’s true, I promise.  Just like all those little promises we intend to keep (dieting, exercising, not shopping) this time I will be blogging much more regularly.  For those of you who live in Southern California or have ever been here you’ll understand why.  Not only have I been swamped with work but our summer seems to keep getting longer, beautiful days and gorgeous warm nights.  October has already arrived (don’t even get me started on how fast this year has FLOWN by!) and it is only just beginning to feel like fall.  
That will be the extent of my excuse, promise.
Back at home in Calabasas and ready to tell you all about my summer travels.  This vacation season I was fortunate enough to go with my lovely boyfriend Franco to his native country of Italy.  Among the stops was Firenze (Florence).  I almost eat myself into a food coma while I was out there. 
One word to describe it all.  
Delicious.  (my mouth is still watering)
Mangiamo! (lets eat!)

Trattoria Mario

Salvatore, Me and Franco enjoying some of the best pasta of my life!
  Trattoria Mario is one of the best kept secrets in Florence.  This little eatery has several small communal tables, if your party doesn’t fill the table they will fill the empty seats with strangers making the atmosphere exactly what it is.  It feels like a family run business and tastes like one as well. 
The warmth and great service we had at Mario’s was amazing and definitely gets two thumbs up from this foodie!  If you are going to Florence anytime soon please make a plan to stop by and enjoy their cuisine.  You will not be disappointed.   There are specials every day and the best place to have a meal with some good friends like Salvatore here with us. 

Cibreo Ristorante

Cibreo is an experience all unto itself.  A nice romantic setting and simple decor.  The service was excellent.  The specials and the menu were all read to us.  Hearing them describe the different dishes was a great way of getting us more than ready for our food.  Talk about foodie foreplay!

Luigi Gilli

Luigi Gilli was built in 1890 and is on Piazza della Repubblica.  One of the most amazing coffee and pastry shops that I have ever had the pleasure of eating at.  
Sweet tooth’s be warned!  This is a place where you will not want to leave. 

Cantinetta Antinori



 This is the entrance of Cantinetta Antinori.  I needed to show you all the beautiful architecture and design that went into this building.  Goes to show that amazing design does not have to be very elaborate. 



After we entered the restaurant my attention was drawn towards their wine collection.  Can you see all the dust on those bottles!?  I wonder how many of them are actually drinkable.
Amazing food, great atmosphere..

Trattoria Sostanza

Our last night in Florence we went to Trattoria Sostanza with Salvatore.  Almost a hole in the wall with just two communal table. 
I want to go back.  The art | the city | the food.  
My heart wants me to but my waist line doesn’t!  Oh the pasta!
Janette Mallory