6 Tips for Decorating an All-White Room

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, quite a few of my projects of late have involved all-white spaces…and no wonder! White is elegant, light and can brighten any dark and dreary space and make smaller rooms look and feel spacious and airy.

In order to achieve the great white look in an apartment, home or room, it’s important to keep the decorations grounded with pops of colors in order to avoid an overly dull and bland look. When done correctly, white will modernize a space or create a sheer and well-groomed area sure to make a boring room magnificent. Here are six of the best tips available to keep it clean and gorgeously modest.

1. Create Visual Depth with Varying Shades of White

danish white formica table
White and cream. Photo courtesy of Ooh_Food

If you’re worried about going completely white, start simple by creating depth and character to just one  white room in the house. You can do this by adding varying shades of white accents. Pick a white centerpiece, either an all white piece of artwork or an all white sofa, and then incorporate white flowers – hydrangeas or lilies are pretty – for an added touch of refinement. (See my previous post for paint ideas). 

2. Decorate with Crystal and Glass

You can make a white room glow with a sophisticated grace by accessorizing with crystals and glass. Create an open space that sparkles with a crystal chandelier or a collage of old, clear glass window frames against a white wall (using wooden frames will keep the room grounded). 

3. Accents Are King

While pops of bright and brilliant colors often look amazing and modern against white, for a truly daring design, couple a white room with small accents of black or dark brown and watch as the whites appear crisper.

annie schlechter
An all-white room with a wooden table. Photo courtesy of Cassandra Lavalle.

4. Mirror, Mirror On the White Wall

In addition to using crystals and glass, mirrors against white will cloak a room with refinement while creating a larger-than-life look. If you have a small bathroom or narrow hallway, utilize an array of white shades and unique mirrors to give your room one-of-a-kind appearance.

5. White on Wood

Nothing goes better with white than the earthy tones of light or wood. Adding a wood table or wooden chairs against a white-washed area makes a dramatically bold statement. Distressed wood works even better.

white bedroom
White and distressed wood. Photo courtesy of Ooh_Food.

james stephoto
White with wood and dark accents. Photo courtesy of Cassandra Lavalle.

6. Contrasting Whites

Creamy and rich whites not only add warmth, depth and finesse to a space, they add variety as well. Don’t be afraid to go bold and mismatch a number of whites!

h&garden girl lounger
White on white. Photo courtesy of Ooh_Food


Got any tips to add? Leave a comment in the space below! I’d love to hear from you. 
Janette Mallory