5 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Appear Larger

Don’t let a small space hold you back; learn how to decorate around the confines and limitations of size. There are actually tricks of the trade that will create the appearance of a larger, more open bedroom, you just have to employ them and voila, the illusion of space.

sleeping nook
Isn’t this a cute sleeping nook? Photo by Ooh_Food

1. Choose light paint colors

If you really want to create the idea of a larger space, opt for either an all-white room or white walls and white linens with a bold pops of color in a room instead. Avoid painting walls with very dark shades like greens and blues, because they will make a room feel even smaller.

323 sq. ft studio
Photo courtesy of Ooh_Food.

2. Avoid wall clutter

Although you opted for white walls and may be antsy to hang all of those pictures and pieces of wall art, find another room in the house to display them as hanging many small pieces of art will create the appearance of clutter. Keep your walls organized. Plus, you want to create one focal point and if your walls are filled to the brim, this will serve as a distraction. Indulge in one large piece of artwork like a well-framed photograph or one-of-a-kind painting.

clean and crisp bedroom
Photo courtesy of Cassandra Lavalle.

3. Make your bed the focal point in the room

One way to draw people’s attention away from a room’s small size is by creating a focal point.  Since the room is a bedroom, it’d make the most senes to make the focal point the bed. Draw attention to it through linens (like a canopy) and arrange the rest of the room around this focal point.

canopy bed white bedroom
Canopy bed. Photo courtesy of Ooh_Food.

4. Paint trim and moldings a lighter color than the walls

Now is the time to utilize your artistic skills. Paint trim and moldings on your walls a brighter white or light color and watch as the walls suddenly appear further pushed back. It’s an old trick that can also be used in any room in the house, not just a small bedroom.

5. Hang mirrors by the window

For an instant creation of space, use a mirror by a window or door in your bedroom. The reflection of natural light opens up the room, which will appear brighter. Also utilize mirrors by placing them at angles toward your previously created focal point. Again, this will reinforce natural lines that the eye will follow.

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