3 Tips for Creating an Elegant Nursery Room Fit For a King (or Queen!)

Finally receiving the news from the doctor that you’ve got an addition to the family on its way can be the happiest day of your life (I know it definitely was for me!) but there’s also much to do to prepare for your new baby boy or girl.

Everly's Nursery
Photo courtesy of Jamison Hiner

Decorating the nursery and making it a special place for you and your baby requires more than just putting a crib and some baby decorations together in an all-white room.
Not only will you want it to be a space that you bond with your new child, you’ll also have a plethora of visitors stopping by and it’s important to make the space functional, gorgeous, and welcoming to the baby.

1. Choose a Neutral Color Palette 

Begin by determining a theme, you can either choose to know the sex of the baby and pick a boy or girl-themed room or you can use a neutral color palette if you wish it to be a surprise.

E's room
Photo courtesy of Abbey Hendrickson
Going with whites and creams, yellows or light greens can provide you much neutral functionality down the road and allow much for creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

Baby's room with new rug.
Photo courtesy of Donna

2. Avoid Clutter (Keep it Simple!)

Pick functional and classic items to keep the room rich with love yet still chic enough that you’ll be the envy of all the new mommies on the block. Give your newborn simple pieces such as the classic brown teddy bear, remember that visual stimulation is good for the baby, but it is a thin line to a cluttered space if you buy every bright, new toy on the market. Keep it simple.

Photo courtesy of  Premaman Lietuva

Photo courtesy of Premaman Lietuva

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Pick a Unique Theme

Instead of going with the traditional over-the-crib mobile, provide a nursery room ceiling display that will keep the baby entertained and intrigued. Use multiple patterns, vibrant colors and textures.
The Force is Strong...
Photo courtesy of Robin Shetler
No matter what direction you take to decorate your new baby’s nursery, remember to have a few large pieces as focal points and keep the rest simple, clean and elegant. This space is as much for you as it is for your new addition.
Janette Mallory