3 Tips for Creating a Manageable Mudroom

It’s easy for a mudroom to get out of control: coats and shoes everywhere, keys and purses never in the same place twice, and perpetually dirty floors. Here are some things to add to your mudroom to help control the chaos. 

Photo by Maegan Tintari

1. Shelves with hooks

These are essential to keeping a mudroom organized. You need lots of hooks to hang not only coats but also purses, car keys, and backpacks. Shelves are necessary to store shoes and outdoor accessories. Having a place for everything means that everything in your mudroom is less likely to be out of place.

2. Tan or brown floor 

There’s no way around it: your mudroom floor is going to get dirty. You can minimize the appearance of dirt and mud by using a tan or brown floor so whatever’s tracked in from outside blends right in to the floor. 

3. Bench or stool

It can be tough taking shoes off standing up. Make things a little easier by adding somewhere to sit! Add either a built-in or freestanding bench, or for something more compact add a few stools to the items you store in your mudroom.

Photo by Ron Brenner

Got any ideas to add? Do you have a mudroom? What does it look like?
Janette Mallory

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