3 Creative Room Divider Ideas

Whether a small space needing to be portioned out or a large, oversized room that requires sectioning. It can be boring to set up the same old dividers, or leave a space open and intimidating. Here are a few ideas for those looking for a creative way to section their living spaces.

1. Bookshelves

Create a sense of division by using a bookshelf to break up a large, open space. Go small and extend a partial bookshelf from the wall or go big and create a wall of reading material. Bonus tip: keep bookshelves looking less cluttered by color coordinating bookends.

bookshelf as space divider
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bookshelf room divider
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2. Decorative Hanging Art

Nothing screams unique style like finding that one-of-a-kind hanging art that will create a stylish divider from one space to another as well as offer some artistic eye candy for your guests.

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3. Windows and Doors

Not just for the coziest of cottages anymore, a repurposed door or window can still look classically chic and worn, or give a fresh modern twist for any decorating style. Simply decide which look is right for your home and use these natural dividers, which are all the rage right now. 

A repurposed door or window can look modern as well in a clean, simplistic design

This repurposed white-washed door works well in this lacy, modern country living room

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